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“Gone by the Sea” EP album on bandcamp.com

“Gone by the sea” is an album dedicated to people who taught us how to love and live. It’s the very first personal album of Alegros Gramma on alto saxophone with the utmost valuable help of Vassilis Oikonomidis (piano), Stavros Dadoush (el. bass) and Leandros Fratnik (drums). This album includes five original compositions and a saxophone cover of one of the most characteristic Cretan (Greek) traditional songs, “Erotokritos”. All compositions are instrumental following Louis Armstrong’s quote “I don’t need words. It’s all in the phrasing.”. Enjoy!
 released 21 July 2014
Alegros Gramma – alto saxophone
Vassilis Oikonomidis – piano
Stavros Dadoush – el. bass
Leandros Fratnik – drums

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“Nueva Vista – days of Istanbul”, EP album, by FM records

“Nueva Vista – days of Istanbul” is a musical documentary album, containing the experience of music and sounds of Istanbul, after one and a half year of living in the city. It passes through five different stages that we can experience in many kind of relationships. Love, magic, colors, smells, and sounds become habits as we pass time together and in the end they transform us into something new, as we get back to make a new start with a different perspective…

“Nueva Vista” is an album about journey of life…

released 17 March 2015


Alto Saxophone – Guitars: Alegros Gramma
Trumpet: Kıvanç Tatar – Nikolas Sideridis
Turkish Bağlama: Ozgun Pehlivan
Accordeon: Giorgos Markou
Percussions: Aydoğan Sonat – Samuel Leboviç – Elias Kakalis
El. Bass: Payam Ghasemi – Alexandros Kevopoulos
Drums: Panagiotis Margiolis

Compositions – Arrangement:
Alegros Gramma

Recordings 2012-2014 made in Istanbul,

EskiYeni (Olympos, Antalya),



Doukas Siskopoulos & Alegros Gramma @ Music Temple Studio

cover photo: Safak Velioglu
cover artist: Athena Liaskou

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Argo Navis
Documentary by Faos tv
Original Soundtrack by
Alexis Grammatikos and Fotini Tsaknaki

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A documentary film by Stelios Efstathopoulos and FAOS Productions

Fotini Tsaknaki – piano, keyboards
Alexis Grammatikos – ac. guitar, keyboards
Manolis Christodoulou – kanun
Georgi Makris – Re & Si kaval, Irish bass flute
Stamatis Mouzakitis – classic guitar
Stavros Parginos – Cello
Themos Rizos – el. bass

Documentary Original Soundtrack

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